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Getting through low hung clouds, solar beams are reflected in waters of a fjord the North - one of the greatest of a fjord deeply run rocky western coast of Norway. From well protected harbours similar to these, vikings - soldiers and merchants - left in far campaigns to change a course of the European history. " Water under impacts of hundreds the oars piercing the becoming blue smooth surface Foamed ", - the poet of XI century wrote.

Vikings - so named all Scandinavians in VIII - XI centuries, sea wanderers and the robbers directed horror on inhabitants of coast of the Europe, Asia and Northern Africa.

The ships found during excavation, up to depth of soul have touched Scandinavian archeologists. They well knew, that all world around has remembered their ancestors as furious soldiers-seafarers. However fragments of the ships served as the incontestable certificate absolutely other and, perhaps, to much more important historical role of vikings as peace businessmen, travellers, pathbreakers.

On our site it is in detail told about these aggressive tribes, them " never-ending campaigns behind riches glory ", rich, original culture.

Iskustvo violent force (Section: On traces of brave travellers)
Having passed for the rough, aggressive people which is not disdained neither robberies, nor murders, vikings nevertheless extremely were proud and admired bright, but surprisingly thin art in which have reached unsurpassed heights. It is a question of the most complicated ornaments and patterns with which they decorated the weapon, tools and other subjects of daily use. Resolutely creations of the hands handicraftsmen put patterns on all amazing slozhnosti-whether it be wooden windvanes of the majestic Scandinavian ships, swords and fighting axes, konskaja a harness, broshi with which and men and women pinned up the long capes, walls of houses, monuments and, certainly vessels in which stored gold both silver ornaments and other symbols of riches and authority.

The ships - an emblem of vikings (Section: Scandinavia up to vikings)
The stunned Europeans could not understand, that for the ships bring in their harbour this horror. These ships appeared on horizon suddenly and came nearer promptly, that time hardly sufficed local residents to disappear. Small a deposit a flexible skeleton of courts allowed vikings to drive literally on coast, and immediately on the ground the fighting team was unloaded vopjashchaja. What for people were by these ships how they could cross the seas so skrytno and is skilful? For the majority of them the sea was an integral part of life. From time immemorial inhabitants of woody, mountainous northern edges processed the ground where it was fertile, and rummaged around coasts, the rivers, fjords, lakes in searches of a fish or trading partners.

Rublennoe silver (Section: Klady left by vikings)
Influence of Scandinavians was so oshchutimym in Scotland and on isle of Man, located in Irish sea, approximately halfway between Ireland and England. The kept place names in these places testify that here there were many Scandinavian settlements. For example, from 126 villages on island Ljuis-one of external Gebridskih ostrovov-110 have either cleanly Scandinavian name, or its any similarity. Were not kept any written documents which would allow to learn about a life of these immigrants first-hand. Three hundred years of silence divide messages on the first attacks, belonging a feather letopistsev 1Х centuries, and to retellings of events to authors of the Icelandic sagas in end X of a century. From the point of view of archeologists, however, the riches of a material fill a niche.

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